About us
Created in 2001, DAB - Digital Absolut Business, provides services in the area of ​​Information Technology, always striving to be at the forefront of the latest trends in the world today. Custom Cloud Services, DataCenters and Enterprise Solutions make DAB an important partner for Small Medium-sized Companies by supporting the organization and classification of their networks and data to enable decision making in safety and for objectives previously defined.

For the development and implementation of its solutions, DAB has teams with highly specialized technicians and certified in the most relevant areas of their projects.

The main motivation of DAB team comes from the satisfaction of the high level of professionalism required, in the correct resolution of projects for its clients. The careful internalization of the clients' functional needs, coupled with the technical excellence of the DAB team, are decisive factors in the success of projects. DAB has the MY DAB platform, where the client can follow in a real-time and in a confidential way all the details of the various steps of his project.

On a voluntary basis, the company contributes to a more just society and a less polluted environment. The management of the company is guided by objectives that reconcile its interests with the interests of society, the local community, its employees, customers and business partners.