DABPROX thinking of you.
DAB PROX's goal is to offer companies unique solutions, in the right measure, of what they need. We offer, every moment, all the support necessary for the full functioning of your operational tools. In this way, your company will be much more effective and dynamic.
The DAB teams are prepared for the development, safe installation and continuous maintenance of the software that we license. In this way, your company can always have the most suitable versions for each type of service, regardless of the stage in which your business is. We follow your needs, study your growth in detail and adapt the work tools in terms of R&T that best suit your business area. Licensing of simple projects such as the installation of basic models of business operation, financial control and many others can be at your fingertips through our solutions. Physically, in the DataCenter or in Cloud / Cloud, we ensure the perfect functioning of your company and the total security of all information.
  • Oracle
  • Windows
    DAB PROX offers the most consistent licensing across all multicloud environments, thus following the new model determined by Microsoft, based on color processors in Windows Server 2016 Datacenter and Standard. Microsoft Office is the most widely used office software in the world for word and data processing. Windows operating systems are developed by Microsoft, have a number of different levels of software licenses for business users and are closed source software.
  • Linux
  • Frameworks
Our communications offer is based on partnerships of high reliability and performance, with its own characteristics to exceed the expectations of business customers. This offer ensures an excellent technical connection between Cloud, Security and Managed Services solutions, with global service levels.
The IP (Internet Protocol) as the main Internet communication protocol is responsible for addressing and forwarding the packets that travel through the world wide web. DAB has its own IPs for use by its Customers, but it also offers a global service in this area, in the acquisition of these for your company.
VPN is one of the useful technologies that DAB PROX offers when it comes to protecting your privacy, changing your geographic location and encrypting your data. Enjoy global connectivity, coupled with high performance speed.
DAB technicians ensure the implementation of a network that securely adapts to the evolution of your business. The value of proactive solutions is proportional to the company's network dependency, so it is important to protect your networks for the future, not just in the present. Our professional teams offer better information about network and device performance and reduce the possibility of interruptions. Make the most of your network investment by using our performance analysis, benchmark, implementation and incident trend techniques to run your network intelligently. We offer innovation and confidence in services to our Clients.
Accommodation - zarafa, exchange, cpanel
At DAB PROX you will find a wide range of web hosting solutions, as well as top services carefully studied based on the most advanced technology available and to support you 24/7/365. At DAB we have accommodation on the Linux and Windows platform to meet the needs of all our customers. The hosting is done on efficient and modern servers equipped with RAID systems, backup systems and "disaster recovery" for continuous protection of the data hosted on our servers.
  • Zarafa
  • Excange
  • Cpanel
The DAB team assures you of the purchase and maintenance of your DNS.pt and register.com domains, as well as the email addresses associated with it. Our specialists in digital business strategies integrate vertically various solutions of the company, with the aim of meeting the need of a growing group of users and companies that need tools and online presence.
  • DNS.PT
  • register.com