DABHOST thinking of you.
Cloud or enterprise servers?
Renew the company's physical servers or hire servers in the cloud?
DAB has experts who can help with this important decision making. We evaluate the investment and the objectives that your company intends to achieve, in order to define the best solution. DAB HOST allows you to place your information in a secure environment with high availability.
Adopting the cloud in the business environment means following a natural flow of contemporary technology and being ahead in terms of efficiency and modernity. All the elasticity and variety of services in the cloud allow any company, regardless of its business area, its size or objectives to be achieved, to enjoy these benefits and turn them into a true tool for success.
  • Hybrid Cloud
    The hybrid cloud is a computing environment that combines public clouds and private clouds, allowing data and applications to be shared between them.
  • Private Cloud
    Also known as internal or corporate cloud, private cloud services provide companies with many of the benefits of a public cloud - including self- service, scalability and elasticity - with additional control and customization, available from dedicated resources in a hosted computing infrastructure. on site. The private cloud is defined as the computer services offered via the Internet or an internal private network and only to certain users, instead of the general public.
  • Public Cloud
    The public cloud is a multi-tenant form of cloud computing in which the infrastructure is shared by several companies and individuals. It is considered the "standard model" of cloud computing and is the opposite of the private cloud, a model in which infrastructure resources are dedicated to a single organization.
  • Automatic Cloud
    At DAB we want to serve our customers quickly and effectively. Thinking about the needs of companies, we created the Automatic Cloud, which allows you to automatically synchronize all the data you consider important, so that any and all changes were replicated to a central database in the cloud (accessible via the browser) and to any other computers the Customer needs to access.
Data Center
DAB has a dedicated infrastructure in its different DataCenters, located both in Portugal and abroad. Its own philosophy of operation in the Cloud / Cloud enables the reduction of global costs, guaranteeing reliable, safe, functional and competitively priced solutions.
Our technical team guarantees the installation, configuration and management of high performance servers. Our dedicated servers allow you to configure according to your needs. The servers are housed in certified Datacenters, thus benefiting from lower latencies and faster access. Technical support is provided by a specialized team, which allows for a faster response and better quality of service.
  • High Availability
    DAB works with High Availability (AD) servers without interruption, ensuring a balance between the cost of downtime and the cost of the protection measures that are available to prevent or reduce the time of that downtime.
  • High Density
    Our high-density servers meet the growing demand for computational density, energy efficiency, continued maintenance and the possibility of expansion that require increasing density while reducing acquisition costs, electricity and physical space.
  • Many Integrated Core (MIC)
    DAB is prepared to maintain a series of microarchitectures that have integrated countless physical cores into a single integrated circuit - Many Integrated Core.
  • Dedicated Servers
    Dedicated servers are fully installed, configured and managed by our technical team, allowing you to focus on the most important thing, your business.
  • Server Management
    DAB ensures the management of systems and ensures that the various systems in your corporate network operate economically and safely, allowing an optimal use of system resources.
  • VPS
    Virtual private servers are created on one of our data center servers, interconnected with each other and with a networked storage area. The solution for virtual private servers has implemented solid fault tolerance and monitoring mechanisms.
  • Clusters
    We ensure the work of a High Availability Cluster to maintain the availability of services provided by a computer system by replicating services and servers, through hardware redundancy and software reconfiguration.
  • Render Farm
    Our Render Farm servers guarantee the function of parallelizing the work of rendering images generated through computer graphics, especially for specific markets.
  • Graphics Servers (GPU)
    We offer configurations with graphics processors for intensive use, with a great calculation capacity. Our GPU servers work to speed up the handling of parallel tasks.